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As a paint specialists we have a large range of industrial, protective coatings from some of the largest industrial suppliers. Our coatings include single pack Enamels, two pack polyurethanes and epoxies. We can supply you with the correct coating for all type of industries.     EG. Floor Coatings, Farm Equipment, Heavy Vehicles, Food Grade Coatings.


Maybe you need to give your  boat a face lift we can supply single pack or two pack products for inside, outside, above and below the waterline for most types of vessels, fiberglass, timber, steel aluminium and concrete.

Brands stocked include:



All Purpose Enamel:
A fast drying, hard wearing, alkyd gloss enamel with excellent flow and application properties, a very high gloss off-the-gun.

All Purpose Primer:
A high quality, single-pack, anticorrosive zinc phosphate primer for mild steel

An Ultra-Premium, 2-pack, recoatable isocyanate cured, acrylic polyurethane finish with excellent colour & gloss and excellent resistance to exterior exposure. Colourthane is tough, flexible, abrasion resistant and has unlimited recoatability.  The best coating performance will be obtained with the highest degree of surface preparation.

DTM985 Epoxy:
A 2-pack, surface tolerant, high solids, direct to metal high build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating. Can be used in a wide range of industrial applications as a primer, build coat or finish coat.

Poly U400:
A 2-pack recoatable isocyanate cured, acrylic polyurethane finish. A tough, flexible and abrasion resistant top-coat.

PR250 Epoxy Primer:
A universal two pack adhesion promoting, polyamide cured epoxy primer. A fantastic primer in protective coating systems for steel and non ferrous metals. With excellent adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, non ferrous metals and fibreglass. PR250 has excellent flow & wetting properties and excellent water & corrosion resistance.

Super Etch:
A premium quality, single-pack epoxy etch primer with excellent adhesion to all common metals and excellent anti-corrosive properties.

Killrust Roof Paint:

A high quality, anti-corrosive roof paint specially formulated to protect exterior roof and structural surfaces. Excellent durability to combat excessive weather conditions. Suitable on roofs used for the collection of drinking water.

Available in 5 factory tinted colours – Roof Silver, Roof Grey, Roof Green, Roof Red and Roof Charcoal

Where To Use – For use on primed, galvanised iron and pre-coated steel roof surfaces including areas used for the collection of drinking water.

Coverage – Up to 14m² per Litre.

Sizes Available – 4L and 10L.

Penetrol Aluminium:
Penetrol Aluminium combines the strength and durability of A-grade Aluminium with the outstanding penetrating powers of Penetrol.

Penetrol Aluminium will restore rusted and corroded surfaces to an acceptable appearance and protect them from further deterioration. It has excellent heat and light reflecting properties when used on metal or wood.

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